Motorcycle Accident Attorney

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Kansas City Injury Lawyer Gets Clients Compensation

March 1, 2022

A Kansas City Injury Lawyer from Northland Injury Law can help you get compensation for injuries suffered in a car accident. Accidents happen every day, often through no fault of your own. Being injured in an accident can interfere with many areas of your life, and may…

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Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Kansas City

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Kansas City Works For You

January 18, 2022

Do you need a motorcycle accident lawyer in Kansas City? If you’ve been in a motorcycle accident, Northland Injury Law can help. We have over fifty years of experience handling accident cases. We have the experience to help you receive compensation for your injuries, your…

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Three Good Reasons to Take a Motorcycle Safety Course

August 8, 2014

At Northland Injury Law we have represented many clients involved in motorcycle accidents. Thus, we feel it is important to provide insight on Motorcycle safety in an attempt to minimize the accidents that occur daily. It’s summer, and many people love to get their motorcycles…

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