Car accident kills both drivers involved

UPDATE: The drivers are identified as Richard Gulliford, of Monett, MO, and Samuel McChesney, of Crane, MO.

AURORA, Mo- Two men are dead after a two-car accident on US 60 just west of Lawrence 2210.

According to a release from the Aurora Police Department, the accident happened Wednesday night around 10:30.

The accident, the department says, occurred when a man driving west on US 60 struck a guardrail before a railroad bridge, drove back into the road, and into the eastbound lanes on the bridge. That man hit another vehicle.

The first driver, a 92-year-old man Monett, was driving a pickup truck. The driver he hit, a 22-year-old man from Crane, was driving a mid-size sedan.

According to Aurora Police, both drivers were pronounced dead at the scene. Authorities say neither vehicle had passengers in them.

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